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10 things that may be killing your sex drive

10 things that may be killing your sex drive

Mumbai: Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting is an important rule. There should be a constant effort to spice things and have fun as there maybe spoilers to ruin your sex life.

Find out what you should avoid to keep your sex drive thriving:

1. Stress: Sleep deprivation and stress directly hamper hormone production. Not only does it affect health, it also hampers sex drive. Stress can come from any source – family, work, friends, financial pressure, etc. What is important is to know how to tackle it.

2. Depression: One of the first signs of depression is a failing sex drive. When one starts to feel low, interest in sex also falls. One should immediately consider seeking professional help. However, it should be noted that anti-depressant medications often hamper your libido further.

3. Alcohol: Alcohol can improve your sex drive if consumed in small amounts. On the other hand, drinking too much is bad for the libido as it can cause erectile dysfunction and hamper orgasms.

4. Caffeine: Consuming caffeine in moderation is all right but again drinking too much of it on a regular basis can lead to over-stimulation of the adrenal glands. Caffeine is a stimulant, which can decrease your desire for sex.

5. Lack of exercise: Exercising improves flexibility and strength, which in turn boost sexual performance. Exercise also improves your blood circulation, so that all parts of your body, including your genital regions, get better blood flow.

6. Excess weight: Being overweight can put a lot of strain on your internal organs, which in turn can have a negative impact on your sex drive. Excessive weight can lower self confidence as well.

7. Pornography: Watching pornography and masturbating too often can cause your sex drive to decrease. This happens because watching pornography triggers the release of dopamine, the hormone associated with sexual pleasure.

8. Relationship problems: It is important to solve relationship problems. Communicate with your partner and solve what issues are between the two of you so that you can resume sexual relations once more as unsolved issues can create a rift.

9. Busy schedule: The daily grind takes a toll on you, leaving you tired, exhausted and not in the mood for sex. Timing also plays a role in this, since it is possible that one partner may be tire  on a day when the other is in the mood to make love.

10. Age: Age is a factor that affects both men and women. Men’s testosterone levels peak in their teenage years, although they can still enjoy a normal sex life until their 60’s. Women peak later than men, but their libido begins to decline much earlier, usually as they begin to approach menopause.

The above information is not medical advice, for reference only / from : Michelle



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