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Is alcohol containing mouthwash harmless?

Is alcohol containing mouthwash harmless?

Everyone wants the splashing of a mouthwash across their oral cavities since it offers the good smell and the freshness. 
Many people said that when they want to get rid of bad breath, their first preference go to a good mouthwash. In addition, it can enthusiastically fight against gum and tooth as a toothpaste does. However, there are some doubts that the usage of mouthwash for long time may be harmful for your health. The following information can tell you more about mouthwash.

Can mouthwash help lessen bad breath?
Yes, bad breath can be stopped temporarily by using a good mouthwash, but you can’t take it as a permanent solution. Brushing and flossing practice on a daily basis can offer you a good oral hygiene and these are still known as the best exercises to restrain bad breath from its origin. Mouth rinses can help you in many ways such as freshening up breath, preventing or controlling tooth decay, and to lessen plaque. 

Is it essential to use mouthwash?
It is not necessary to use a mouthwash in getting a good oral health. Brushing and flossing teeth on a regular basis is enough to take care of good oral sanitation. Mouthwash acts like an add-on which just adds some extra benefits to your oral care system. However, it cannot replace brushing and flossing. 

Benefits of using a mouthwash
Sometimes brush can’t remove all food particles from the places between your teeth and gums. In this situation, a mouthwash can easily reach that places and help you eliminate remaining food particles. It can help you restrict bad smell of your mouth for the time being and can refresh your breath. In some cases, mouthwash may be used to heal illness, decrease inflammation and reduce pain.

Drawbacks of using a Mouthwash
Due to high amount of alcohol content in mouthwash, their extended usage is harmful for your mouth. It may cause sensitivity to the core level of your teeth and this may have unfavorable effect on the senses of your teeth. Mouthwash should not be taken into the stomach. It is only for spitting. If you consume it accidently, it may harm your health. The consumption of large amounts of mouthwash can be harmful due to containing products in it. The children are prohibited to use mouthwash, while adult can use it twice a day. It is better to use homemade mouthwash as it contains natural products that take care of your bad breath. You must consult a dentist before you use a mouthwash. If you would like to discuss more about any specific issue, you may contact a Doctor. 


The above information is not medical advice, for reference only / from : Michelle



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