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The One Thing Women Aren’t Doing After Exercising

The One Thing Women Aren’t Doing After Exercising

If you’re like us, your post-workout routine is pretty much set in stone. And while we know what we should be doing for our bodies — stretch, rehydrate, nourish — sometimes life gets in the way.

But new research from the University of Otago in New Zealand shows that not taking care of yourself post-workout can have health consequences. Katherine Black, PhD, surveyed 109 female recreational athletes, concluding that 44 percent were in a state of low energy availability (LEA) due to exercising with depleted energy levels. While healthy eating and hitting the gym may be at the forefront of your resolutions, many of us haven’t managed to strike a balance between the energy loss associated with working out and nourishing our bodies afterwards.

And for women who exercise more than a few days a week, the risk of falling into LEA is more prevalent: Every one hour increase in exercise over the course of a week made the surveyed women more vulnerable to LEA.

The condition doesn’t just mean spending the day feeling drained post-workout, either. LEA is also associated with some serious long-term health risks, such as not getting your period, impaired bone structure, increased likelihood of injury, nutritional deficiency, irregular heartbeat, and impaired cholesterol levels.

Black hopes that the findings “raise awareness of LEA and its potentially serious health consequences.” She warns that this issue should not deter people from exercise, but instead should encourage them to look out for their bodies and stay in touch with how they are feeling during and after exercise.

“We need to encourage . . . recreational exercisers to continue taking part in physical activity as the health benefits are well established,” she wrote. “It is about finding the correct balance between physical activity, energy intake and wellbeing.”

If you find yourself falling into a pattern of skipping that post-workout snack, toss some protein bars in your gym bag so you have them on hand.

Sources: January 11 2017

The above information is not medical advice, for reference only / from : Michelle


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