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Registration number M02742 Update Date : 2019-03-06
Comments : 19
Gender : Male
Building Name : Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
Address : Obstetrics & Gynaecology Centre, Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, Li Shu Pui Block, 2 Village Road, Happy Valley  
Tel : 2835 7878
Fax : 2892 7581
Type of Practice : Private
Speciality : Obstetrics & Gynecology
Basic Fee : $1600 - $2000 Consultation Fee
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3.1 4.6
8 4 7
Professional &
Qualifications :
MBBS (HK) 1975
MRCOG 1981
FHKAM (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) 1993
FRCOG 1996
Email Enquiry :
Whatsapp Enquiry :
Wechat Enquiry :
Time :
Monday 14:00 ~ 18:30    
Tuesday 14:00 ~ 18:30    
Wednesday 10:00 ~ 12:00    
Thursday 14:00 ~ 18:30    
Friday 14:00 ~ 18:30    
Saturday 12:00 ~ 16:00    

for reference only, please make appointment before visit
Medical Services Included :
Continuous fetal mointor
Emergency Services :
Emergency phone :
7112 8323
Language :
Cantonese , English , Mandarin
Hospital :
Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
Others :
Clinic Name: Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital
Public-Private Partnership :
Waiting Time :
20-30 min
Payment Method :
Credit Card , Cash , EPS
Website :

Comments 19 | Show 1 ~ 5 | Add Comment
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24/08/2017 23:47
在外地照到有卵巢囊腫, 被外地醫生叫抽血, 擔心嚴重疾病所以求診。來到香港養和, 見陳醫生令我鬆一口氣, 陳醫生很詳細問診, 講解病情, 不強迫病人亂照野, 他照陰道超聲波的手勢很好, 照的時候也清楚解釋病情。很有醫德的醫生!
Date﹕ 2017年8月5日
Waiting Time﹕ 10-20 min
Total Fee﹕ $2000
Score﹕ Recommendable
Service 4 Effect 4 Clinic Facilities 4
Total Score﹕ 4
15/02/2016 18:57
Dr. Chan followe up my case during the whole pregnancy, therefore I asked for his help in newborn delivery as well. From prenatal to postnatal period, he gave me lots of professional advices, and answered all my questions!

The whole surgery was quick, and the wound healed in a good condition, I strongly recommend Dr. Chan!
Date﹕ 2016年1月25日
Waiting Time﹕ 20-30 min
Total Fee﹕ $0
Score﹕ Recommendable
Service 4 Effect 4 Clinic Facilities 5
Total Score﹕ 4.3
May Leung:
等候時間超長, 下次不看
18/11/2015 03:55
我相信每個人睇這個醫生都要預約, 但是去到診所都要等成三個鐘, 唔知護士點怎安排架,超多病人, 入到去見醫生, 醫生目無表情,淨系問你有什麼事,你講完,佢唔會再問你其它問題就開藥, 我覺得佢態度唔好,你收咁貴,應該唔好接咁多病人,要用多的時間同心機睇症,我唔能夠評論佢唔尊業,但係我下次唔會再睇佢囉!
Date﹕ 2015年11月13日
Waiting Time﹕ Over 30 min
Total Fee﹕ $0
Score﹕ Won’t Go Again
Service 1 Effect 3 Clinic Facilities 4
Total Score﹕ 2.7
Iilian Leung:
10/07/2015 03:40
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Chan. We went to three different fertility doctors and there is absolutely no comparison. Dr. Chan is knowledgeable, caring, attentive, and employs the perfect mix of optimism and reality in a field that requires a very special personality to really be effective. He also very clearly inspires the best in his staff. It is wholly thanks to Dr. Chan and his expertise that we have a beautiful baby boy. We will not hesitate to choose Dr. Chan when we are ready to try for another child, no matter where his office is. I am fully confident that he will surround himself with the best people to perform a job that is as much art as it is science.
Date﹕ 2015年7月1日
Waiting Time﹕ 20-30 min
Total Fee﹕ $0
Score﹕ Recommendable
Service 5 Effect 5 Clinic Facilities 5
Total Score﹕ 5
Mrs. Tsang:
Answers all Enquiries
17/03/2015 19:01
I do not dare to say that Dr. Chan treats us as well as he treats celebrities, but be prepared that he is not the caring type...He would not ask you what is wrong, so you need to step up, take the initiative to ask him many questions, and he will give you an absolutely clear and concise answer.. However, if you do not ask him, he would not ask if you have any doubts...But my friend says that if you have some problems (e.g. A tumour in your vagina) and you want to conceive a BB, then Dr. Chan is absolutely your choice.

Another thing to note, consultation fee and delivery fee...according to my calculations, regular checkups during pregnancy, such as ultrasound, medication, blood test, Down Syndrome test, Structural tests...about $20-25k...C-section staying in 8 patients' room) approximatelt 50-60k, C-section (2patients' room), counting from 6days, about 80-90k

Date﹕ 2015年2月21日
Waiting Time﹕ 5-10 min
Total Fee﹕ $0
Score﹕ Worth to Try
Service 4 Effect 4 Clinic Facilities 5
Total Score﹕ 4.3

E-daifu Hot Line:2345 0902

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